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Gender Selection – An Easy Way to Select Gender of your Child

The world has evolved a lot during the past centuries, and there are countless blessings of science and technology that people are benefiting from. The development has led to provide individuals with a lot of comforts and luxuries.

In the medical science, these developments have made lives of individuals much easier by providing them the cure for almost every disease. Among such advancements, the child gender selection is one through which the parents can choose the gender of their child according to their desire. The procedure where they can select the gender of the baby prior to the conception is known as gender selection in the domain of medical science. In older times, if the people had the desire to have a baby boy or baby girl, they were not able to do so without the consent of nature or God.

But, due to the blessing of the modern technology, the selection of the gender of your child is possible; so, you can have a child of you desired sex with the help of the modern genetic techniques. As people are becoming aware of the gender selection procedure, the use of this technique is also becoming very popular and is growing steadily all over the globe.

There are various techniques through which one can choose the gender of their child. The pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is the process, which helps couples to select the gender of their child. They also can determine if the embryo contains the normal number of chromosomes seen in humans.

Another important procedure is called the IVF (In vitro fertilization), which is necessary to give the embryologist access to the embryos outside the body. Thus, the PGS process can be performed during an IVF cycle in which multiple eggs are produced and fertilized with the husband’s sperms in test tubes. So you have to choose an IVF gender selection, if you want it to work smoothly. The procedure of embryo biopsy is used for this purpose in which a single cell is removed from a three day old embryo to work genetically on it.

The embryologist examines the three days old embryos to determine the sex chromosomes (XX or XY), and then one or more embryos of the selected sex are inserted into the woman’s uterus. This procedure is about 99.8% accurate to predict the gender of the embryo.

Thus, you can get the desired results in terms of gender selection of your desired child.